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Product Description

The Telefunken Elektroakustik TF11 is the latest member of the Alchemy Series and their first large-diaphragm phantom-powered condenser microphone. Developed with a multitude of recording situations in mind from home to studio to stage, the TF11 blends an Austrian-inspired voicing similar to the legendary C12 with modern FET high performance. This yields a beautifully open and detailed 3D sonic image, with a quick, accurate transient response, high SPL handling, and low self-noise.

The compact, cardioid only TF11 features a full low end, detailed and punchy midrange, and airy top end. This classic tonality makes it suitable for countless sources including voice, acoustic instruments, and drum overheads. On voice, the TF11 is transparent, clear and detailed, providing mix-ready audio that’s both dynamic, open and sonically accurate to the source. When used on acoustic instruments, the TF11’s fast transient response and edge terminated capsule capture string and pick attack in impressive detail with an excellent balance of midrange wood tone, while its open-top accentuates the instrument’s natural harmonics and clarity. When utilized on drum overheads, the TF11 presents an impressively lifelike image, while its fast transient response delivers a punchy and focused representation of the kit. Its high SPL handling widens the scope of possibilities to louder sources not always suitable for condensers, like toms, brass and guitar amplifiers.

The TF11 features a unique combination of circuit elements shared with other Telefunken Elektroakustik designs. The CK12-style edge terminated capsule is a single-membrane version of the capsule featured in the TF51. The amplifier is a unique proprietary take on the classic FET mic amplifier similar to the M60, coupled with a custom large format nickel-iron core transformer by OEP/Carnhill made in the UK. Premium through-hole components include UK-made polystyrene film capacitors, Nichicon Fine Gold electrolytic capacitors, and a high-performance, ultra-low-noise JFET amplifier.