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Product Description

The Schoeps MK 2XS is a omni directional capsule for the Collette CMC 1 and CMC 6 series, featuring a considerable high-frequency response elevation at 0°, which compensates high frequency losses caused by the increased diffuse field amount when used near the reverberation radius.

The MK 2XS (formerly 3) is designed for placement in a diffuse sound field, i.e. at distances in reverberant environments where the greater portion of arriving sound has already been reflected from various room surfaces. In such placement the integrated frequency response of this capsule is essentially flat; the on-axis high-frequency response elevation shown in the graph below is not heard as such. It is remarkable how well-focused a recording can be made with omnidirectional microphones at such distances, when the microphones have been designed and placed appropriately.

Omnidirectional capsules can be considered sonically optimal if realized as true single-diaphragm systems – which is what we at SCHOEPS do. Their strengths include exceptionally linear frequency response with extended low-frequency response and a low noise floor. Additionally, when used in an A/B or Decca Tree setup, omnis provide excellent stereophony and stunning spatial resolution. Omnidirectional capsules are capable of picking up reflections and modes from all directions, resulting in a well-balanced room sound.