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Product Description

The Schoeps MK 2 is a omni directional capsule for the Collette CMC 1 and CMC 6 series. The linear frequency response of the MK 2 with respect to frontally incident sound waves results in a very natural sound for near-field recordings (i.e. in close proximity to the sound source). This capsule can be set up very close to the sound source without sounding too brilliant or harsh.

Omnidirectional capsules can be considered sonically optimal if realized as true single-diaphragm systems – which is what we at SCHOEPS do. Their strengths include exceptionally linear frequency response with extended low-frequency response and a low noise floor. Additionally, when used in an A/B or Decca Tree setup, omnis provide excellent stereophony and stunning spatial resolution. Omnidirectional capsules are capable of picking up reflections and modes from all directions, resulting in a well-balanced room sound.