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  • ATC SCM50ASL Pro - Arda Suppliers
  • ATC SCM50ASL Pro - Arda Suppliers
  • ATC SCM50ASL Pro - Arda Suppliers
  • ATC SCM50ASL Pro - Arda Suppliers
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Product Description

The ATC SCM50ASL Pro is an active three-way studio monitor that delivers unparalleled performance for reference monitoring in medium sized rooms.

In order to deliver a balanced, even frequency response, SCM50ASL Pro studio monitors are equipped with ATC’s legendary three-inch Super Dome midrange driver. Featuring a completely linear low-distortion drive system Super Dome drivers offer exceptionally low coloration, high power handling capacity and exceptional output level.

The ATC SCM50ASL Pro features a 1-inch soft dome S-spec tweeter with an innovative dual suspension design for pristine highs. S-spec tweeters combine an exceptionally powerful motor assembly with a lightweight coil former for minimal distortion and an extended frequency range up to 22 kHz. Unlike conventional tweeters, S-spec tweeters offer far greater control of the voice coil and dome motion—especially at higher sound pressure levels. By reducing internal distortion, S-spec tweeters deliver improved clarity and definition, and significantly reduce listener fatigue. And since they contain zero ferro fluid, they’ll never wear out.

With a high-performance tri-amped design, SCM50ASL Pro studio monitors are capable of reaching SPLs up to 112 dB. Six optimally-matched MOS-FET amp blocks pump out over 350 watts of power for crystal-clear distortion-free sound. With 200 W powering the Super Linear bass driver, 100 W powering the Super Dome midrange driver, and an additional 50 W for the S-Spec tweeter, SCM50ASL Pro studio monitors offer impressive headroom and class-leading transparency at any volume level. The built-in LF contour control provides five bass boost settings, making it easy to dial in the right amount of low-end in any environment.


  • 25 mm soft dome tweeter
  • Full “SL” spec 9˝/234 mm bass driver
  • ATC 75 mm “Super Dome” mid driver
  • Onboard grounded source 350 W Tri-amp pack
  • LF contour control
  • Clip indication
  • 6 year warranty